About Wright Body

Wright Body is a Weight-loss injection company selling a 3-month program that promotes them as an additional source for losing weight along with healthy lifestyle practices.

  • IndustryHealthcare/Pharmaceutical Company
  • ServicesSocial Media Activation Services
  • Business TypeStartup
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User-friendly Interface

Website Design

Vitruvian Agency conducted a competitor analysis before finalizing the sitemap and the website's user journey. We designed a user-friendly website with an intuitive design and revamped the content to improve the search engine rankings. The new website offered all the information about Wright Body’s services, which helped reduce the bounce rate and improved the inflow of MQLs.

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Brand Guidelines

Logo Design

Working for Wright Body we transformed their brand identity through logo creation and branding that showcased their core values and objectives. Blending sophistication and wellness, we devised them with logos that resonated with the Wright body’s aesthetics. Overall, we ensured that the target market was not only recognized but also connected with the brand with the lasting impact of the logo and branding.

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Social Lead Nurturing

Social Sales Sequencing

Vitruvian’s dedicated team devised a customized strategy for incrementing additional program sales through social channels by transforming casual users into loyal customers. This was done by leveraging tailored messaging, targeting specific demographics, and A/B testing approach to define an increased click-through rate.

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Capturing The Target Market

Social Media Marketing

We devised a tailored social media activation plan for Wright Body to help them achieve their traffic-driven success through the digital rise. Our campaign included calendar creation along with consistent social media postings on the relevant channel to strategically help the brand reach enhance its visibility, engage the users, and increment the organic app download rate. The campaign encompassed marketing the brand on relevant social channels, crafting captivating graphics, while running paid ads targeting consumer-centric demographics.

Our Working Methodology

Our methodology for Wright Body was based on an enhanced funneling approach that ensured directing sales through social media marketing efforts and gaining visibility through SEO-centric web augmentations.

  • Brand Awareness
    • Online Authority
    • Articles Publishments
    • Paid Ad Campaign
  • Consideration
    • Content Calendar
    • Social Media Designs
    • Performance Analytics
  • Conversion
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Call-To-Action
    • Brand Positioning
  • Advocacy
    • Success Stories
    • Positive Testimonials
    • Post-Launch Buzz
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The Vitruvian Agency aligned Wright Body with a game changer marketing strategy that helped us drive quality conversions through social channels.

The Results

Through the dynamic social media strategy and consistent efforts towards marketing Wright Body’s true values and effectiveness, we achieved 900% of our desired results. In a short period, the brand found enhanced visibility, authority in the market, and increased click-through rates. Overall this contributed to a substantial surge in the brand securing sales qualified leads through diverse social media channels.

  • 87 %

    Increase In Traffic

  • 95 %

    Increase in MQLs

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