Thought Leadership


Vitruvian took on the challenge of establishing thought leadership for the Co-Founder of Tekrevol, Abeer Raza. The goal of our campaign was to position Abeer as an authority and a leader within the technology niche, which would ultimately lead to an improved conversion rate for Tekrevol, due to increased authority.


Based on our research on the tech industry, we created an year-long leadership activation plan, which would position Abeer as an authority on some of the most reputable and recognizable publications and entrepreneurial platforms, such as, Forbes, Inc. and TheNextWeb.

Alongside article distribution across multiple channels, we also positioned Abeer as an industry leader by successfully acquiring a position for Abeer as a keynote speaker at the Digital Marketing Summit, in Dubai, a CEO interview at Mixergy podcast, and an expert interview by eMarketer for App Monetization Report of 2020.s


The methodology for Abeer’s thought leadership campaign was two-phased.
  1. In the first phase, Vitruvian took on build-up activities to position Abeer as a rising leader and entrepreneur through well-placed thought leadership articles.
  2. Use the momentum from the first phase, phase two focused on permeating spaces that have the highest level of authority in the industry. This ensures that the acceptance rate is maximized and efforts are conducted with maximum efficiency

Key Metrics:

Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number


From 2019 to 2020, Tekrevol was able to break its revenue records on a monthly bases, with 500% revenue growth from Q4 of 2019, to Q2 of 2020. By building authority and credibility, Tekrevol’s was able to onboard enterprise clients with a significantly improved conversion rate.



Aron Larsson


26 October, 2018


Architecture, Digital Art