Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian is a renowned expert with a Ph.D. in stress relief leveraging science, and mindfulness to allow people into a clearer perspective of thinking. A passionate personality collaborating worldwide charting people to a path of holistic well-being.

  • IndustryPsychology And Wellness
  • ServicesRebranding Services
  • Business TypeService Based
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User-friendly Interface

Website Design

We conducted an in-depth competitor analysis before finalizing the aesthetics and user journey of the website. We created an SEO-friendly sitemap that would improve the bounce rate of the website whilst driving ROI. On top of that, Vitruvian also delivered a cohesive on-site content marketing strategy.

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Brand Guidelines

Logo Design

We create a unique symbolic logo for Dr. Brian’s services –one that resonates with the business and the industry it operates in. We also finalized the typography, primary and secondary color schemes along with a uniform set of visual assets to be used across the brand. This helped in the website design process as we designed a seamless user journey the users. All of these elements ensure the website fulfills the user intent and boosts the chances of conversions for Dr. Brian.

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Search Engine Visibility


Our aim was driven to enhance Dr. Brian visibility within the US market ensuring they appeared when potential customers sought lighting solutions within their region. We performed a local competitor analysis and incorporated SE0-centric metrics such as optimizing Google My Business listing, and geographically relevant keywords to divert conversion-friendly traffic. Overall, we boosted the brand search engine authority, visibility, and rankings making it the top competitive choice as a trusted and influential entity fostering a disrupting edge as pioneers in the industry.

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Capturing The Target Market

Social Media Marketing

Understanding the highly saturated target market of Dr. Brian we devised a social media strategy that captures the right value of engagement. Our services for this brand included running targeted ad campaigns that raised awareness and conveyed the brand messaging in the perfect manner. Overall, our efforts effectively collaborated towards brand's digital success.

Our Working Methodology

Our methodology working for Dr. Brian was highly focused on driving relevant traffic, optimizing user web navigation experience, and raising awareness for well-being services.

  • Conceptualization
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Brand Vision Analysis
    • Understanding The Market
  • Brand Messaging
    • Targeted Ad Campaigns
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Social Post Creation
  • Conversion
    • Social Lead Nurturing
    • CTAs Positioning
    • Brand Consistency
  • Advocacy
    • Success stories
    • Positive Testimonials
    • Post-Launch Buzz
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Vitruvian Agency helped us translate our brand narrative into a living masterpiece with their collective marketing efforts.

The Results

Our highly curated approach of understanding the target market and integrated social media marketing, content, SEO and web design strategies accordingly ensured in bringing uniformity in brand messaging. Overall, we ensured a 950% surge in meaningful engagement and drove digital growth within the competitive wellness landscape.

  • 85 %

    Increase In Return on Investment

  • 90 %

    Increase In Conversion Rate Optimization

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