Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Services That Boost Your Bottom Line

Virtuvian is a digital agency that specializes in online reputation management for businesses of all sizes. No matter what industry, you are serving in, we’ll help put the word out for your brand on all leading digital platforms, review sites and anywhere else that your user is present.

The Brand Reputation Management You Deservestong

The way we create online media visibility for you brand will do more for you than just bring attention to your brand. As a full service online reputation management company, Vitruvian’s expert digital PR strategists know as to what it takes to create results that matter.

From social media reputation management to SEO reputation management, modern day digital marketing requires you to empower your brand with a viable presence online and we are the ones that can help you do that.

We’ll provide you with the control and power once again over how your users perceive your brand online. This will include us handling each and every aspect of your digital presence by promoting your good side to your user.

So whether you are getting bad press that is affecting your conversions or running a new brand with aims of dominating your niche, we can be your perfect partners in creating the right kind of buzz around your brand.

From perspectives to user attitudes, we’ll show your users what you want to show them.

We’re The Perfect Fit For You If You Need Any Of The Following Reputation Management Services

Google Reputation Management

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Crisis Management

We can help you in getting users and the press on your side, portraying your story, the way you want.

Client Relation Management

If someone has become your client once, our expert PR team will ensure that there is always a healthy bond between you and it through fostering consistent relationship building initiatives.

Awards Placement /Submission

Do you think you have what it takes to be recognized as the best in your industry? We will help you flesh out the complete plan to submit your award proposals, lobby for support and manage your campaign.

Speaking Opportunities

Lead the way by becoming the keynote speaker at some of the most influential events happening in your niche by letting us manage your influencer outreach initiatives.


The good work that you get involved in as a brand needs to be known by your users. Our team can provide you with complete campaign support for you CSR initiatives that include everything from management to promotions.